Destination wedding etiquette: Gift registry

Usually we have tradition to say ‘every invitation means gift’ and also that means for destination weddings but still there is few rules for it to follow in case that you are throwing a destination wedding and there is something like inappropriate grey zone and you have to avoid them 🙂
First of all like we mention as many times you should be careful with invitations because many people even if they will not attend and you know it like to have a invitation as memory, and on the other hand you should not be the judge who is able and who is not able to come ( in financial meanings) to your destination, conclusion is send your invitations to people who means to you and you want them on your wedding. Then the next question is what about gift registry? Certainly you have a right to make it but be also polite and make a note on your invitation that also their presence on your wedding means more than a gift. In that case you have a room for everything, if they really want they can buy you a gift or no, also for people who is not coming to your destination wedding is optional. On the end if you send invitations and you end up with a more gifts than attendants it would be also nice to throw a nice dinner party when you come back.