Bridal shower Etiquette

Bridal Shower Etiquette

Basically a bridal shower is a small female party organized by the MOH and bridesmaids in honour of the bride for the transit into her new role as a wife and setting up her new household, so usually gifts are new household items that the newly-weds will need to begin their life together. Fine china, teapots, silverware, toasters, linens, picture frames, vases and wine glasses are some of the traditional gifts presented to the bride at her shower. So besides the design of the invitation, sweet table and decorations or games, there is also some Bridal shower Etiquette you should not change if you are still a traditional bride-to-be:

1. Usually bridal showers are hosted by the bride’s friends, maid of honour or her bridesmaids. They aren’t usually suggested or demanded by the bride, her mother or her relatives. The bride and her family shouldn’t host the bridal shower,because it is inappropriate for the bride to throw a party then designating your guests what to bring. Family and relatives are like an ‘extension of you’. It may be seen as bad wedding manners to be soliciting gifts from relatives.

2. Everyone invited to the bridal shower MUST be invited to the wedding.

Obviously, if a guest is unable to make it to the wedding, she can still attend the bridal shower.

3. Brides should not be sending out bridal shower invitations, because it is appropriate for your host to include bridal shower gifts registry information in the invitation but inappropriate for the bride.

4. As per tradition, you’ll be showered with gifts to set up your new home,a bridal shower should not be used as a fund raising event.

5. The perfect timing is two-three months before the wedding.

And have fun!

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