As a Bride you can’t do this….

Ok we are all humans and that is your most important day and if something goes wrong you have every right to be upset!   As a bride you have to handle these errors in a dignified manner and not embarrass yourself.

As a bride you don’t have a license to be rude or inappropriate about anything with your fiancé, family, friends or wedding suppliers.  In fact, if you misbehave, that will be the most memorable and talked about part of your entire wedding.

So in these cases, you have to control the situation…

  1. Never argue with your fiancé in front of your wedding guests.

Try not to fight during your wedding activities at all, but if you must have words, do it in a private place.

  1. Don’t be rude and disrespectful to your parents.

Or your fiancé’s parents — especially in front of other people, including your bridal party. Your behavior needs to be calm and correct for all your guests to remember how well mannered you are!

  1. Don’t give a vendor a dressing down in public, even if they deserve it.

No matter the error, you need to be able handle the situation? If you yell at the DJ in front of your guests, he may pack up his equipment and leave instead of switching the music up to suit you.

  1. Do not complain about the food or drinks to your guests.

You chose the caterer and the menu. If the quality is not up to your standards, go to your wedding planner or, if you don’t have one, talk to the chef directly, and talk in private. All wedding caterers or suppliers want you to be happy and if you’re polite and don’t try to humiliate them, they’ll do their best to make you happy.