A few words before your big day

After a rehearsal dinner and if everything was just as you wished for you can relax! If you feel it makes you more calm to check everything again, then perhaps you can go over everything again, but if there is no time to do this, just relax in the fact that your wedding planner is checking everything for you!
1. “I’m making a lifelong commitment for the first time today. And I thought signing the lease on my first car was a big deal.”
2. “Someday, I bet my husband and I will laugh about how nervous we were to walk down the aisle.”
3. “I hope my make up does not run! Did I remember to use waterproof mascara?”
4. “I can’t wait to see the finalized reception space. Is it too early to take a sneaky look?”
5 “Diving into that wedding cake after months of shunning sweets will be heaven.”
6. “I wonder if my fiancé will cry when he first sees me at the end of the aisle.”
7. “I can’t believe I will marry my best friend tomorrow.”
Lastly Good Luck 🙂