5 Dos and Don’t s of Planning a Bridal Shower

1. Do take the initiative to plan it.
Don’t plan the entire thing yourself. Everybody knows you as a well organised person but here you should take a step back 🙂 if you are honoured to be the Maid of Honour it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything ( this is important if you are not known as a well organised person 🙂
Enlist the other members of the bridal party and even the families of the bride and groom to give input and help out too. The best way to go about it is to get everyone together and ask what each person wants to help with instead of assigning duties.
2. Do organize a theme or group activity.
Don’t make the bride uncomfortable. That sex toy demonstration may not be appropriate, especially if older family members will attend, or activities which are not suitable for all guests, like bungie jumping 🙂
Just wine tasting or a tango dance lesson will be OK 🙂
3. Do ask the bride for their guest list.
Don’t invite anyone who isn’t invited to the wedding. You should be careful with the guest list, so the best way to handle it is to ask the bride for their guest list, if it’s not ready then you’ll have to sit down with bride and make suggestions just for the shower then she’ll easily know who to invite to the shower, then also to the wedding.
4. Do pick a date early on.
Don’t forget to ask the VIPs for their availability. Even if you’re planning to wait to host the bridal shower until shortly before the wedding, you’re going to want to make sure you pick a time when most, if not everyone, can come. Figuring out multiple schedules can be a lot of back and forth, so it’s best to start early and pick a date way in advance. Depending on where guests live, they may need to make travel plans, but if most people are local, you have more options. It’s possible not everyone will be able to come, but there are at least a few people in the immediate family and the honoured attendants who should definitely be there, so their schedules might be the deal breaker.
5. Do send shower invitations
Don’t go overboard on the paper. Once you have all the logistics together, you should definitely send out invitations, even if most of the guests have helped out with planning the bridal shower. If a lot of guests are coming from out of town, the earlier you send them, the better—at least two months before if not earlier; if most people are local, four to six weeks should be just fine. That doesn’t mean you have to go nuts with the invites — those cute ready-made cards available at any card store are great. And you can even go paperless for this one with the help of a graphic designer .