Valentine day pre-preparations

What! you still haven’t bought a gift for your ‘groom to be’? Now is the perfect time to get one, especially if you got your engagement ring around Christmas. And St Valentine’s day is a good time to give him a gift and spend some quality time with your fiancée. If you were both celebrating Christmas, your engagements ,then New Year, writing all the thank-you notes after your engagement, then definitely you didn’t have any time for you both, so now it’s your time, pause and, as this year St Valentine’s day is on Sunday here are some suggestions on how to spend it if you haven’t already organised anything.
1. For something extraordinary you could go for Champagne balloon flight
A champagne balloon flight is a marvellous experience (though not for those with a fear of heights!). The winter is in many ways the best time for this, as you can fly during the day, whereas in summer flights are either very early in the morning or late in the evening. Offset that against the temperature (of course you won’t feel much wind, as you’re moving with it). Then end with champagne… Picture the scene – the two of you, floating serenely above a beautiful landscape, with nothing to do but admire the view and talk to each other…
2. Boat trip – you may think this a cliché, or it’s just for tourists, but why not feel that river cold air while you are in the arms of your future husband and then go inside where you can have a nice romantic dinner in a warm, cosy atmosphere.
3. Romantic escape
Always a good choice, simple and romantic, just the two of you – and Wales is the perfect choice – from romantic spa hotels to country cottages or boutique hotels. We highly recommend to explore options from this site

4. After all these ideas, if you still want to stay at home, a movie night or jazzy dinner which you can cook together can also be a night to remember.
Don’t forget, new themed lingerie is a must! No matter how much you think it’s a cliché.