winter engagement party table ideas

Trends: winter engagement party decoration

As we’ve discussed colour schemes, invitations and of course etiquette for your engagement party, we should also mention venue decorations. If your engagement party is scheduled after Christmas maybe you can use one of our ideas for Christmas dinner party decorations and for your winter engagement party. If you are like me and find it hard to make a choice, this way you will have them both .

The Shimmering Snowflake themed engagement party should be for a more official dinner. The venue doesn’t have to be strictly a restaurant, you can easily set up a classy dinner with this theme at your place and according to your budget if it’s limited. It’s very important to determine your budget and to keep in mind for this party that you don’t need to spend a fortune as well as for the wedding. Keep it simple, elegant and with taste. And in keeping with the ambiance, we suggest a menu of an appetizer plate of cheese, nuts, crackers, and dried fruit; a creamy soup; a light salad with eggs or some white dressing; a herbed fish or chicken (turkey) entree; a choice of white wines; and all-white desserts such as cream-filled crêpes.

If you are going to have a less official engagement party you could have a cocktail dinner decorated with a Rustic Pine Wood theme . Focus on a comfy, warm, welcoming atmosphere and we suggest sofa seating, more small side tables and a wine tray for your guests. Having a selection of at least 3 or 4 varieties of red and white wine, plus an interesting assortment of hard and soft, sharp and mild cheeses, your cosy winter engagement party can be an interesting wine and cheese tasting party. Cheers!