winter pre-wedding parties and festive

Trends: Winter alert

We are at the start of December and this particular month reminds us we are now in the season of winter. For those of us who enjoy a winters tale this is the best time for proposals, engagement parties, dinners, showers, and finally, weddings. Because there is nothing more charming then glittering winter nights, spending some time outside in the frosty air, then going inside with a group of your friends makes for a cosy warm atmosphere indoors.

So we will dedicate this month to all winter pre wedding festive parties and, at the end, a winter wedding ceremony too.

Having winter pre wedding parties or even a wedding means that you can merge two beautiful occasions like Christmas with a gathering for your engagement party. And you have to admit, December is all about Christmas and New Years Eve with everybody already in the festive mood so bringing the two together means joy and happiness all around. So having an engagement party during the Christmas holidays, then your shower and bachelor parties during spring time, especially if you are heading for destination bachelor/ette party(s) with your wedding day scheduled for summer or early autumn, it means you’ll get the best from all the seasons.

So this month we will try to help you with your engagement party …