Trends : Groomsmen and Best Man gifts

Why these gifts? A gentleman’s way of bribing your pals not saying anything obscene during the reception toast 🙂

This is a post for you guys to help to choose the right gift to say Thanks Man for making it easier and without questions like “Dude, are you sure you want to do this?”

1. First choose your manly things like:

– flask

– cufflinks

– cocktail shaker

– collar stiffeners

And make them personalized maybe with monogram or with some text which is meaningful for you as a pals

2. Be thoughtful:

Is your best man a fan of a football/basketball team- seasonal tickets can be interesting, or if he is preparing for a marathon, a membership for a gym or personal trainer could be suitable for him.

3. Give them a classy treat:

– old fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kit

– Star Spangled Bourbon Set of Five

– monogrammed iPad Case

– a box of cuban cigars

And remember the best Groomsmen gifts are the ones that memorialise your wedding day while at the same time expressing gratitude for your Groomsmen’s help.