Father of the Bride - formal wear

Trends : Father of the Bride – formal wear

On your wedding day the most important role is for your father… as the father figure in your life he was there to support you and now it’s time to give you away. So while he is walking you down to aisle like his little princess, he has to look like a king 😉 so keep away from normal suits – he’s not going to the office! Feel free to go with waistcoats, silk ties, matching pocket squares and cuff links. If you still don’t know what rules to follow we’ll give you a couple of tips.

In traditional British weddings a traditional morning dress remains the accepted formal male dress code. Day/lounge suits are a popular alternative to morning dress and for evening receptions the modern dress code is black tie or, more unusually, white tie and it’s usual to wear a morning coat throughout the day. Should a change into black tie for the reception be required, this should be stated clearly on the invitation. So with the male dress code, timing is very important: If the main event is scheduled before 6pm, then you can dressed up your dad with full morning dress – top hat and all! If you want something a bit smarter, and ready for the evening do, then the option is a tux or dark coloured suit. The chosen dress code of the Groom should be followed by the Best man and Groomsmen as well as the Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom. It is popular to have the Groom’s party’s waistcoats and ties specially made for the wedding. The colour theme that is being used throughout the day should be picked out where possible. Alternative dress code for male wedding attire is kilts or uniforms but whatever you choose, remember that it’s an important day for your father as much as for you:)

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