bachelorette-party ideas

Trends: Bachelorette Party Ideas

Maybe you girls would prefer a slumber party at home with lots of junk food, drinks and movies, some DIY games so that you’ll have the time of your lives with your bff-s, it’ll be like old times during your high school or college, but if you want something more to say good bye to the single life for one of you then maybe you should consider some of these Bachelorette Party ideas….

1. Home or away bachelorette party

As we mentioned many times before, destination parties are popular as well as destination weddings. So here are some ideas for you to throw a successful destination Bachelorette Party:

1. Seaside…. weekend next to the sea, maybe a yacht, wellness resort with spa treatments or just an all inclusive weekend.

2. Mountains… Luxury chalet, glamorous girly camping with champagne and gourmets, a country-side winery trip or some adrenaline escape where you can go hiking, a hot air balloon ride, bungee-jump, go zip-lining or parasailing

3. City Break….maybe is this the last chance for you all to visit a city that you always planned to see or music festival from your college days 🙂

If you decide to stay in your home-town, here are some interesting things for you to do:

Restaurant Favourites – Go to the bride-to-be’s favourite restaurant to start the evening off, enjoy some wine and some Bachelorette Party games during the feast.

Bachelorette Bowling or Comedy Club – Go to a pool hall, play the bridesmaids in a bowling match or go to a favourite comedy club to get some laughs. The ‘meat and potato’ ideas always work and can be a lot of fun as it keeps the Bachelorette Party together for some great fun.

Exotic Dance Lessons – There is nothing like hiring a professional dancer and having all the bridesmaids participate in learning some excellent dance moves! Take lots of pictures as this is a fun and trendy activity that is now popular for Bachelorette Party events.

Cooking Class and DJ – Something growing in popularity is to get a DJ for the bridesmaids while you drink martinis and have a cooking class which ends in everyone eating yummy food that you’ve all made.

Or think like a guy: Hire a limo and go around the city, why go to only one one place? Dance clubs, sleazy bars, pool halls, strip joints — why choose just one? Explore them all in the lap of luxury: a chauffeur-driven limo.