Stylish way to pop out your maid of honour

We all remember that period in bridal fashion when all bridesmaids and the maid of honour were dressed all in the same very funny dresses! If you don’t remember them than you probable see them on the old pictures and somehow to hate them becomes a trend, we all know that they were ridiculous but with lack of choices…they were the only options…luckily that time is way behind us and today bridesmaid dresses are equally beautiful as bridal gowns, ok they are not exactly like it but definitely they are amazing. In the end you have a plenty of choices, like one colour but in a different shape, or in different shades, or the latest trend mix and match…now the question is in all the variety how to stand out with your maid of honour, it is not a necessity but still it is nice to elevate her dress or style especially if you have a big wedding and you have 6 or more bridesmaids then this girl deserves to be a little bit different. These are our suggestions:

pop-up-your-maid-of-honour pop-up-your-maid-of-honour1