Spring Bridal Shower Theme

Spring tea time in vintage lace
slowly it’s time to go out and this is the perfect theme for it.The most classic shower theme of all is usually held at home or in a teahouse. Just because it’s a tried-and-true idea doesn’t mean you can’t put your own creative spin on it. Create a bohemian vibe with colorful lanterns and low-slung seating or something more quirky and whimsical (think: Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter!).
colors and decorations
– Lacy umbrellas & colorful heart garlands “showering” a beautiful brunch table below
– Straws with gold glittered hearts + gold “Love” signs hanging on the back of each chair
– The cutest little tea pot cake pops + shortbread cookies with personalized “tea tags”
– Pastel colored tulle dessert table skirt + pastel tissue tassels on the welcome sign
– Stunning vintage garden inspired florals and lacy details carried throughout!
If you’re hosting a tea time shower, steal this idea! Set the bar or bar cart with bottles of champagne, carafes of fresh juices, and berry and citrus peel garnishes. Guests will love mixing up their own take on a mimosa or bellini. With its low stem and straight sides, this glassware is ideal for champagne-and-juice concoctions. And, hint, hint: Don’t forget to keep everyone hydrated with nonalcoholic drinks too. fill a beverage dispenser with refreshing cucumber-mint water and you won’t have to keep refilling glasses throughout the day.and ofcourse selection of tea, on the end you are making a tea party and for it a petite dessert station with fruits, berries and individual-size lemon cakes is the perfect, not-too-sweet treat that pairs well with different selections of tea. Individual portions are a sweet gesture (neater too!) that makes each guest feel like her presence is appreciated.

If you’re envisioning a fun activity for the party day, let the ladies design their own tea cups. Place a basket of different flavors and blends by the door so guests can pick their favorites and take them home.


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