Some Marriage Secrets Every Newlywed Should Know

Ask anyone in a relationship their secret to a happy marriage and they will give you a slightly different answer. Here, six real brides dished their tips to a blissful union — make sure you and your future husband are taking notes!
1. Be your husband’s girlfriend
Don’t let the word “wife” become an excuse to take the person you love most for granted. Flirt, plan dates (even if they are at home and include Netflix and Pizza), and let him be your boyfriend too, of course.
2. Communicate
It’s simple, ask your husband the easiest question ever: “How was your day?” Research (that studies what makes marriages long and happy) shows that having intimate knowledge of each other’s lives strengthens your relationship.
3. Trust
We all know you can’t have a great relationship without it. But did you know that trust is built in tiny, almost microscopic moments every day? How do you have confidence that you will keep the big promises you made to each other on your wedding day? By keeping the little ones you make on the way to the grocery store.
5. Laugh and kiss
The fun researchers have actually confirmed scientifically that a six-second kiss is good for your relationship. Permission to kiss generously and often has been granted. It’s practically your assigned homework for life. Laughing is always a good idea. But you knew that already.
6. Love
Remember that love is a verb, it is something you do, create, contribute to and build on every day.