Rehearsal Dinner party: invitation wording sample

Wedding rehearsal dinner invitations can be handwritten, emailed, or even telephoned to invite guests, although a tangible invite will be more helpful to out-of-town guests who already have a list of dates, locations, and times to remember. If your wedding rehearsal is to take place right before the dinner, simply list the time and place of the rehearsal in one corner of the invitation and the time and place of the dinner in the other. Send out your rehearsal dinner invites shortly after your wedding invitations to help everyone keep their schedules straight and ensure timely RSVPs.

For Rehearsal Dinner invitations Included with the Wedding Invitation:
Please also join us for a
Rehearsal dinner
in honour of
Susan and Joe
Friday, September 3
at 6 p.m.
restaurant address
Please reply to Amanda
(513) 555-8106

For Rehearsal Dinner invitations as a separate paper invitation
A Rehearsal Dinner…

In anticipation of
Susan & Joe’s big day,
Please join us
Friday, September 3
at 6 p.m.
for great food, drinks, and celebration
Restaurant and Saloon
Please RSVP to Amanda
(513) 555-8106