Modern days

Today everything is different and also for brides, today besides ‘something blue and something borrowed’ brides need to think about how not to make mistakes in our modern world, so right now we will mention just five of them which you should avoid or even better, take them as your new commandments
1.I Will Not Leave A Photo Of My Dress On My Phone
For something exceptional like a wedding dress, image posting on social media is out of the question. To ensure your fiancé doesn’t discover a shot of you in the dress of your dreams, take those photos off your phone and save them elsewhere. Better yet, ask your Chief Bridesmaid to take them on her phone.

2. I Will Not Assume My Friend’s iPhone Counts As the Photographer
With all the websites and apps out there, everyone seems to believe they can stand in as photographers, DJs or wedding planners. But while some things can be done well by amateurs, certain things do require professionals. And we don’t want you to end up with fuzzy photos before you comprehend your miscalculation. Be honest with yourself and figure out your budget and priorities. This is one of the most important days of your life. Can you live with overexposed photos that the whole world can see? Things like collecting supposedly high-quality music as well as last-minute wedding-day troubleshooting are skill sets that most non pros simply don’t have. So know what you can handle and what you cannot, and hire a professional whenever possible to save yourself from tears later.

3. I Will Not Buy My Dress on A Shady Website
We all know how expensive planning a wedding can be, which makes the so-called discount websites very appealing. If a ₤5,000 dress is selling for ₤50 and sounds too good to be true, it probably is — even if you see a great looking photo of it on the website. It’s best to go to actual brick-and-mortar stores for something like your wedding dress. That way you can see what it looks like on. If ordering online is just a lot more convenient, make sure the site you’re buying from is approved by a designer. One big hint that it’s probably not, is if the site also sells random items like batteries. (Seriously)

4. I Will Not Forgo Paper Wedding Invitations for .jpg Files

With so many technological advances, there may be more people who are okay with emailing their wedding invitations these days. But is it really a good idea to totally let go of old, time-tested traditions? – Especially if Great Grandma doesn’t even have a computer? Besides, it’s so much more romantic writing out a pretty invitation and posting them out to family and friends.

5. I Will Not Turn My Face book Feed In to a Wedding Vent

Yes, we know there’s a lot of stress in planning a wedding. Whether its struggles with in-laws or guests not being the most generous with their gifts, you just want to blow off some steam. Along comes Face book, Twitter, group emails and What’s App. So what’s a quicker and better way to share your concerns with anyone who will listen, right? Consider this: We’ve seen complaints by brides go viral, leading them to infamy and (sometimes) prolonged, public humiliation. So before you pour your heart out, check the privacy settings on all your social-media accounts and make sure none of your complaints can be seen by the public. Ensure that the names of the groups you’re in contact with through both What’s App and email are very clear, so you won’t end up talking about your in-laws to your in-laws. That definitely wouldn’t be good.