Yes, you want everything to be perfect for your wedding … the ceremony, venue, decorations, invitations, every single detail, and no doubt you will plan and choose them carefully.

You will make a thousand pins on pinterest :)! and you will be free to express your creativity and style, your brain will be working 24/7

But…your wedding dress is a different story, it perhaps will hold the highest importance! Magazines, internet.. to sort them, then with some s your eyes will feast on a range of designs and styles and your mind will be bursting with images. You will relish in bridal showroom visits…the mirrors, reflections, the choices! one, two, three maybe even more, it doesn’t matter… your mind may say “ Vintage style with V-neck and lace” or a “full blown traditional affair”… but your heart will skip a beat on the right reflection from the mirror. “That dress” will wrap you in your happiness, joy and love when you think about the moment when you say “I Do” to your love-one.

So if you are at the start point to find your perfect wedding dress, we hope to inspire you…. and don’t worry the rest is just between you and the mirror!

Speaking about mirrors, I have to say that is the perfect time to introduce you to the Reem Akra spring collection 2015 named …

Mirror, Mirror

Reem Akra, satin, silk, lace, materials just simply follow your instincts….. Romantic or Elegant…. Flirting between retro glam and modern trends. Enjoy!

reem akra spring 2015

wedding collection spring 2015 Reem Akra

 image source: Reem Akra