It’s time for bachelorette party

Now days girls can hold both, a bridal shower and bachelorette party since as you already know these two events are completely different bridal shower is usually an afternoon event, and your bach most probably will be scheduled for the evening hours until late night… which means that this party should not be a night before your wedding especially if you are having rehearsal dinner. So, on the and yes, your moh and bridesmaids should plan ahead and schedule your bachelorette party week or maybe few weeks before the big day, just enough time that you can clean your metabolic system from alcohol 🙂 or maybe you will choose to travel with your bff…On the end this party definitely should be when you finish all your planning details, so dress is ready, venue will be prepared and decorated as you wanted, food and cake is defined and you have all arrangements with all vendors. Then you can be really relaxed and ready to party 🙂