Exotic wedding decorations

Whoever came up with the idea of having fruit centerpieces must have really had one of those “Duh” moments. I mean, fruit is such an amazingly obvious yet not wedding centerpiece idea, that once you see one you wonder why you didn’t think of doing it sooner! Fruit is, for the most part, less expensive than using wedding flowers, yet it still adds that visual punch that can totally transform a boring old table into something wedding-worthy.
Whether you’re using fruit centerpieces on their own or combined with other elements such as candles, greenery, flowers, or even ornaments for holiday-themed weddings, there are so many options for fruit centerpieces that we had to cut ourselves off from searching for them. (It was getting a little cray). Besides, we have even more ways to use fruit centerpieces here! We’re not one to leave anyone or anything out, which is why we included a few vegetable options, too. So check out a few of our favorite fruit centerpieces (and veggies) below as well as fun ways to use them.

Exotic-wedding-decorations1 Exotic-wedding-decorations3 Exotic-wedding-decorations4

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