Bridesmaids gifts etiquette

There is nothing better then to have your best friends or your favourite cousins around you while you are planning your wedding. Maybe it will be one or a few of them, but for sure their spirit and laughter will cheer you up every time when you get stressed during your wedding planning process. Like we said before the whole wedding thing is to keep family and friends together and it’s all about giving and receiving, being happy and thankful – the real meaning of a wedding party. An of course, when you are surrounded by your dearest people who are there to help and support you on your happiest day, you also have to be thankful, that’s why you will carefully choose the right gift for each of your bridesmaids. And following some of these tips can lead you on the right track to the bridesmaids gifts etiquette.

1.When to buy them? Well, you can keep an eye out for interesting things during the whole shopping research, maybe you’ll see some that will end up in the sales just in time for your shopping, which should not be later than one to two months prior to the wedding – the last thing you want to do the week before your wedding is shop for presents.

2. When to give them? Usually the best time is your rehearsal dinner, when your closest friends and family are together in one place. The idea is that you make a toast in front of everyone thanking your maids, and then present each of them with their gifts. Also moments where you girls have time together can be perfect, when you can all have some downtime together in the midst of the wedding madness.

3. What to give? When you start to search for their gifts, think a little out of the box because they are all different and maybe the same gifts are not a good option – of course choose different gifts within the same price range. The second important guideline is a functional gift which can be timeless. When you find something following these tips, before you buy it, ask yourself: Would I like to receive it?

Also if your bridesmaids outfits are too expensive for their budget you can offer them as a gift, but then they really have to be good outfits:)

4. How much to spend ?

You must realize that if you accept having expenses like plane tickets, room, outfit and etc (not to mention the bridal shower, your wedding and shower gifts, and more) covered by them, you really have to show them that you appreciate their time and effort to be a part of your dream wedding. Of course nobody expects you to cover the costs of what they’ve spent, but an amount between 100-150 £ should be an acceptable amount.

In the end you should keep in mind that as your biggest supporter and the leader of your bridal party, your maid/matron of honour deserves a gift that feels distinctly ‘her.’

Just stay grounded and remember that weddings are about love and happiness, not spending money on things we can’t afford.

image resource: David’s Bridal