Bridal Shower Planning Check-list

The bridal shower (or couple shower) is the Maid of Honour’s pre-wedding piece-de-resistance. Rise to the challenge! Even if someone else is hosting the bridal shower (like the bride’s aunts) or you’re holding it at a restaurant or spa, it’s up to you to take the reigns. So here’s a handy bridal shower check-list to help you plan the perfect party for the bride-to-be. Feel free to adjust the timing to suit your showering style.

3+ Months before
It’s time to talk to the bride, just to see which style or venue she’d prefer, It’s always good to have guidelines but be sure to give your input here otherwise the bride will plan her own bridal shower.
Set the date – as we’ve already mentioned, timing is important so take our advice and be sure to avoid important holidays 🙂
If the bridal shower is to take place at a tea salon, private dining room, restaurant, or nightclub, make the reservations.
Create the guest list for the bridal shower. (Note: Anyone you invite must also be invited to the wedding).

2 Months before
Send a “save the date” email and/or call important guests such as the bride’s best friend from high school, her favourite cousin, the groom’s mother, etc. to see if there are any scheduling conflicts.
As a courtesy, call any guests who will have to travel some distance to attend — they’ll appreciate the advance notice.
Confer with the bridesmaids to establish a budget.
Purchase bridal shower invitations or materials to make them.
Hold a brainstorming session to finalize decisions about table linens, flowers, menu, decorations, favours, music, and activities.
Order special menu items through the bakery/caterer and linens, coffee urns, and other equipment from a rental company, if necessary.
Compile addresses for the guest list.
Make a detailed to-do list and assign tasks.
Or just hire an event planner to finish this job quickly and professionally. On the other hand if you and the bridesmaids are very good friends and you are all crafty this can be the fun part 🙂 creating all the items yourselves.

1 Month before
Assemble and address invitations. (Include information about the couple’s registries. And, if it’s a theme party, make sure to provide proper gift-giving instructions.)
Mail invitations.
Shop for decorations, paper goods, and other party props.
Purchase favours.
If guests have offered to bring desserts and other treats, call to confirm what they plan to bring — adjust your recipe plans accordingly.

2+ Weeks before
Place flower order.
Buy your shower gift for the bride.
Figure out what you’re going to wear to the shower. Why not treat yourself to a slick new outfit or dress (you’re the hostess, after all)?
Make a shopping list for the food and drinks. Buy any hard-to-find ingredients.
Purchase spirits, if you’re having cocktails.
Pick up any baskets, CDs, cake stands, punch bowls, tea services, stereo equipment, or serving platters that friends or neighbours have offered to lend.

1 Week before
Confirm reservations.
Confirm orders and delivery times.
Confirm RSVPs.
Assemble and/or gift-wrap favours.
Buy groceries.
Create a mental floor plan to facilitate decorating and setting up.
Prepare shower games and activities.

1 Day before
Prepare any menu items that can be made in advance (or just do prep work).
Receive and set up equipment, assemble decorations and favours, set table(s).
Touch base with the bridesmaids — confirm who’s bringing what and ask them to arrive early to help.