Bridal Shower Host Etiquette

Often times this duty is split amongst a few people in the bridal party, whether it’s the mother of the bride and the groom, the sisters of the bride and the groom, or even the aunts of the bride and groom. Family members should have the first opportunity to snag the responsibility of planning this. There are, however, times when family members aren’t available to plan the shower; in this case, bridesmaids and the bridal party may step in and take over. It’s important that the maid-of-honor stays in contact with the bride and the bride’s family members about this early on in the wedding planning process. That way, everyone knows who is doing what and when the shower is — as well as there being no overlap or miscommunication in the planning responsibilities.
Even if the bride’s family is planning the shower, it’s still okay for the bridesmaids to offer to help and plan some of the games or even the decorations. Often times the bridesmaids are the best people to help make the shower come alive with the personality and preference of the bride, so their help is truly needed and greatly appreciated by the bride.