Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games are an integral part of a bridal shower and if you’ve been to a few of them then certainly you’ll know at least one to mention πŸ™‚ Most of them are traditional, but the importance of these games is to make a connection between your guests, who will be from your older relatives to your college friends and maybe even co-workers, and not all of them will have the same interests to talk about, so all these games are old and well known to ‘break the ice’.

So the perfect start is :

Bridal Bingo:

It’s Bingo with wedding-themed pieces

What to Prep: Create bingo cards, but replace the word BINGO with the word BRIDE along the top margin. Instead of numbers, list facts relevant to the to-be-weds inside each square. For example, one might be the name of the city where the couple are getting married or the place they got engaged.

How to Play: Follow traditional bingo rules: The first guest to mark off a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins a prize.

What is in your purse:

What to prep: Print out custom cards with items like – start with the basics (a compact, credit cards, keys) and work your way up to more random or risquΓ© objects (condoms, dog treats). You’ll also need to buy a few little gifts to be given out as prizes to the guests that win. Prizes could be anything from cookies to coffee shop gift cards!

How to play: Make groups of three to four people. Have each person empty their purse and go down the check-list. The more they have, the higher points they get.

TP couture:

What to prep: Plenty of toilet paper or you can make it with news paper, and a stopwatch.

How to play : Set 15 min on the clock and let the madness begin! Once the time is up, set up a catwalk and let the bride crown the winner.

And once your party has got going you can move on to more active games:

The Scavenger Hunt:

What to prep: Before the party, hide sexy items like fuzzy handcuffs, body paint and lacy panties all over (or in a specific area) or whatever items you like.

Divide guests into teams, give them a list and set a time limit for them to try to find all the items. Whichever team finds the most items, wins!


What to prep: dartboard fixed on wall ( you can customized it with some important dates of brides relationship instead of numbers on the board ) and dart arrows

How to play: Make your own scoring, for example hitting the dates and add to the previous score – the person with highest score wins.

Hour of salsa lesson with private teacher

What to prep: book a private lesson of salsa

how to play: Clear the area in the living room, play salsa and follow the instructions (read it: just dance)

Have fun!