Bachelorette parties: Summer garden camping

Summer is a great opportunity to stay outdoors as much as you can. If your gal pals and you are outdoor types and maybe time and budget forces you to stay in your home town this is a perfect solution for you. And if you’re not going far from your house you can easily create a ‘glamcamp’ – it’s a camp with all glamorous features…
No ‘glamping’ expedition would truly be complete without a tent perfectly sized for your backyard. Go ahead and sleep under the stars – with a little extra protection.
Put a big carpet outside, big pillows, blankets, lanterns if you’re not going to make a bonfire in your backyard. Grouped big candles should work and don’t forget to use a protection cream or spray – you don’t need mosquitoes on your skin, or an even better solution is to go to the garden centre and by special liquids and spray your garden a day before, ask a worker in the garden centre for advice and read the directions before use, especially if you have a cat or a dog in your backyard.
Enjoy you cosy night…


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