Autumn wedding trends for 2016

Hello hello!!! For lot of you September is an ultimate wedding month, and yes we can confirm it too! It was the most important wedding month next to May and it will be for sure no matter what happens. Here we can say that we are just moving from summer wedding season to the Autumn wedding season 🙂 and that means that we have to embrace new trends regarding the autumn…so let’s skip the intro and fast-forward it to new Autumn trends
1. Autumn wedding colour trends

Yes we will continue with that bold trend from our summer season and we will just spicy it with few jewel tones like burgundy, emerald and plum to create a romantic places. The dark hues are reminiscent of the naturally changing surroundings, while the weathered pastels add just a touch of warmth.


2. Autumn wedding invitations
Well we all get a little bit whimsical with the first Autumn sun in September…and first association for whimsical wedding invitations is calligraphy with motifs of graceful garlands.

3. Autumn décor trend

It’s all about heights! Tall branches for centrepieces or light decoration hanging from the ceiling…pumpkins and apples instead of flowers and you will be a real Autumn bride


4.Autumn wedding cake

Humble tiers and topper-less cakes have officially arrived for the season. Naked cakes continue to be hot, but they’re taken a step further with flavourful drips, with clean, textured look, dressed up with small bunches of blooms or greenery.