Autumn bridal shower theme: Cosy backyard wine tasting

Autumn is the perfect season for a countryside bridal shower so why not to pack your things and go for a small weekend break to a local small countryside winery. Alternatively if you are lucky and have a large backyard at your house you can host a wonderful vintage and cosy bridal shower. Also, if you remember, we previously mentioned a couple’s wedding shower, so if you are thinking about this option a wine tasting shower is another great theme for it. This can be held at the bride and groom’s favorite winery or someone’s house. Shower guests can bring their favorite bottle of wine or wine themed gifts.

Wine themed bridal shower: decorations and party supplies

Use a sign-in board for guests to record special messages to the bride and groom. Use a nice picture of the couple as the focal point surrounded by a large matte. Keep the decorations simple and beautiful. Dress the room up with a few balloon bouquets, vases of flowers and a heart garland here and there.If you are so inclined, hunt for unique and entertaining single wine bottle holders and let each one hold a great bottle of wine that will be served at the shower.


Wine themed bridal shower: table decorations and menu

This is the perfect party to serve appetizers. Everyone can sample an array of dishes, enjoy their wine, and be free to circulate at the same time. First, start with a cheese platter. Hard cheeses can be cut into bite-sized pieces; set out spreaders for the soft cheeses. Provide crackers and garnishes such as olives, sun-dried tomatoes and grapes. Count on providing 2 lbs. of cheese for every 10 guests. A salsa and a crab dip are always crowd pleasers. You can also set out a baked brie or an artichoke dip. Antipasti is another good choice. If you want to serve something a little heavier, I suggest grilled chicken on skewers. Finally, set out a few baskets of fresh, crusty bread. Yum! Set out cute heart shaped “Perfect Pair” plates and matching drink napkins. Your guests will have to guess if you are alluding to the food and the wine, or the bride and the groom! Inexpensive but stylish plastic wine goblets are great if you do not have enough glass on hand.


Use the obvious to establish beautiful centrepieces of fruit, wine and accessories. Try your own variations with wine chillers, bottles of wine, fruit and balloons. A nice platter of cheeses makes a tasty and visually appealing centrepiece as well. Sprinkle the table with corks as confetti or find foil or paper confetti at your local party store. Old bottles of wine can be decorated with flowers and be great table centrepieces. Try mini picnic baskets with fruit and small bottles under a pretty cloth napkin for another look. If you choose to do them, tie name cards to unique bottle stoppers. Stoppers serve as favours for your guests. Try coloured copies of wine labels as seating cards to match your invitations, if that is how you’ve done them. Group by wine type or region. Why not write guests’ names on corks for fun! Try using spreaders for seating cards instead for invitations and guests can take them home as a favour.