7 Wedding Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017

Planning a 2017 wedding?
Here’s what’s going to be trendy with weddings in the coming year.

A Colour Comeback
Colour is making a comeback, versus all-white weddings. We’re seeing less floral and more props as well as hanging centerpieces and more lighting patterns in abundance.
Vertical Impact
When it comes to wedding decor, couples are looking up for inspiration. They are taking advantage of the vertical visual space above guest tables and highlighting it with a number of options. Expect to see tall tapers paired with luxurious candelabras, low-hanging string lights or Edison bulbs and chandeliers in a variety of shapes and sizes in 2017

Garden-Inspired Florals
With florals, we’re going to keep seeing garlands, as well as organic bouquets and centerpieces, all of which have had tremendous staying power among brides.
Neutral Tones with Bright Accents
We’re seeing dreamy palettes of greys, creams and golds paired with glass and metallics.

A Never-Ending Feast of Food
Late night snacks are becoming more of a ‘must do’ as opposed to simply an add-on. We’re also seeing additional courses added to the dinner beyond simply a salad and entrée.
Dynamic Desserts
There will always be a place for the traditional wedding cake but more couples are embracing alternatives such as doughnuts, cookies and even cheese
Techy Effects
Couples are finding new ways to integrate technology into their destination wedding as they take advantage of things like custom Snapchat geofilters and 3D printing to personalize cake toppers, place cards, favors, wedding bands and more. We’ve also seen more couples live-streaming their ceremony .

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