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destination wedding countdown

Two weeks out

Yes, you are down to a wire, so close but not there yet and you  still have things to do and we are hopefully believe that you done everything from the previous lists. So final checkups are done: all vendors and documentations are ready so my...

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lover- the white magick collection

Non bridal bride

Since we were talking last week about bridal fashion week, this time we will talk about dresses for all those girls who are not into frills. We will just present you some of the designers to give you an inspiration and not give you any...

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Two months out

Yes, you are feeling happy, nervous, worried and excited all at the same time! but as we promised we are here to help you as much we can, at least with this checklist to guide you until your big day. First before you continue with your...

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wedding music band

Wedding Playlist

Last week we suggested a schedule for you “things to do” when there is 3-4 months until your wedding day and one of the arrangements we discussed was your wedding playlist, so here’s some guidelines of how to make it. At this stage you will have...

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wedding countdown

Planning countdown three months out

When you are in this stage of your wedding planning that doesn’t mean that you have to panic if you didn't make some of previous things from our planning checklist. So this is the stage when you have to check everything is it done by...

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Hello April…

Today we are saying goodbye to the spring month of March, a month which started the beginning of a beautiful season here in Cyprus. Now here is April with all its charm starting with jokes for April Fools' day...

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Wedding day website

Somehow every post reminds me of something else that would be good to talk about…. like the last time I mentioned that it may be a good idea to start your own wedding website or wedding day blog to help socialize your wedding arrangements and...

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