Birmingham national-wedding-show

Your Big day it’s here!

It’s finally here! And I am not talking about the wedding day. Because my dear Brides-to-be, after your proposal day, the second most important day in your life is the opening day at the National Wedding Show! of course I am not including your wedding day here, that day is in a league all of its own….

So, if you  accidentally  missed the opening day yesterday at Birmingham National Wedding Show or wasn’t aware it was taking place, don’t waste any further time because there are a few good reasons why you should be there and on your way as we speak!

If I say to you that you will find everything there in one place, I really mean everything and I don’t say that lightly!

Bridal catwalk: it’s not only for your own wedding gown ideas, here you will find the latest trends for bridesmaid dresses, so call your girlfriends and action! In addition to this you will be introduced to all kinds of wedding attire from grooms wear, flower girls, page boys and even mother of the bride outfits. Here you can check out just some of the wedding attire available by some of the designers and retailers which you can see on the catwalk :

and many more.

– If you are a fan of a vintage wedding theme the National Wedding Show has developed a special feature area only for this theme where suppliers will help you find the ideal matching bridal wear and accessories to stationery and venue styling.

The Floral market is also one of the featured areas where you can see trends from the leading UK’s florists. In addition to this you can find many other décor ideas, from dazzling lights to stylish tablewear and all with matching stationery.

– And of course do not miss the Wedding Theatre, they will bring a live and interactive countdown of the top 10 big wedding day tips regarding your hair, beauty, styling and planning…

So get your shoes on and off to the show…you may have already decided to book one of our packages but you may now need to find the perfect wedding dress or be on the look out for lots of ideas that will help enhance your special day. 

image source : National Wedding Show