You are engaged. Now what?

In December we were talking about your engagement and we gave you few ideas for your engagement party. Now we are at the beginning of a new year and the beginning of a new special chapter of your life, your life while you are engaged. And so after, hopefully, a successful engagement party the first thing you should do is to send thank you cards. So sit back and make nice hand written thank you cards with simple wording like:

‘Dear ……,

Thank you so much for being at our engagement party and celebrating
with us! It was great to see you and get to hear all about your trip
to Belize. (or write down any interesting moment with them during the
party) Thank you also for your generous (or thoughtful) gift. (You can
write down what the gift was or if it was money you can
add a sentence like: We’re hoping to honeymoon in Europe (or whatever
you’re going to do with the money) and this will help us with our
plans. )’

When you finish with this we suggest you to take a breather and spend some quality time with your partner, go to a spa or maybe a romantic dinner, this will put you in the right mood for daydreaming. So, you have your ‘bride to be’ in the right frame of mind for daydreaming, especially if you are planning your wedding for next year. And it’s cold outside 🙂 So get your cosy blanket, take a hot cocoa, a bunch of wedding magazines, and start daydreaming… after all, this is important for you if you don’t have any idea how your wedding should look, and if you have some ideas it’s good for you to collect more to get the whole picture of your perfect day.