What's the Ideal Engagement Length?

What’s the Ideal Engagement Length?

How long do you have from the moment he puts the ring on your finger to the moment you walk down the aisle? A standard engagement used to be (hold your breath on this one) two years. That’s not happening any more.

One year also used to be a standard engagement length. Well, that’s not happening any more, either. Now, more and more couples are setting the date for nine months after the proposal. It’s do-able, but you have to be prepared, you have to be organized and you have to be very willing to make decisions quickly – and not change your mind. Here’s what you do: After the ring goes on your finger, your fingers go on the keyboard. Go on-line and start getting ideas and putting together all the pieces of your wedding puzzle. When you have a short amount of time, don’t start asking for opinions from too many different people. At the end of the day, it will distract you, confuse you, overwhelm you and ultimately not allow you to make any decisions. Next thing you know, your wedding date is just a couple of months away and you have nothing planned. So if you want a short engagement you have to be prepared for fast decisions. If you think that you are that person then your ideal engagement length is 9 months, but if you have difficulty making choices and you have to think about everything twice then it’s better for you to take more than a year, and fully two years are for ‘take it easy’ brides.