Last-Minute Wedding-Planning Details You Can’t Forget About

Your big day is almost here, but that doesn’t mean the planning and prepping is done just yet. Make sure you take care of these small (yet crucial!) bridal to-dos before you walk down the aisle.
Get a Wedding-Ready Manicure and Pedicure
Your hands are photographed a lot when you’re an engaged lady, and since the wedding day is the last time anyone will really be trying to capture your rock with a camera lens, make it count! Get a good-quality manicure and pedicure before the big day in a flattering shade that you’ll love looking at in your wedding album for years to come.
Create a Day-Of Schedule
This is most important if you’re having a coordinator or planner but still a good idea even if you’re not. Map out the times when everything needs to happen, including when the ceremony will start and what time you’ll need to wrap up the reception.
Package Your Favours
This can mean anything from adding a final tag or bow to literally packing up homemade treats in gift boxes. (For the latter, you’ll want to give yourself a little extra time!)
Pack Day-Of Essentials
Avoid pre-rehearsal-dinner panic by packing up wedding-day essentials a few days early. This includes any makeup, hair products, shape ware, and accessories you’ll need. We promise that a little planning will add up to tons of relief when the day arrives.
Confirm Any Backup Plans
If inclement weather strikes on your wedding day, the last thing you want is to be left without an alternative plan. Some outdoor venues have a redundant space for you to use, but if not, you’ll need to coordinate having a tent on hand for guests to seek shelter in.

Finalize Your Getting-Ready Timeline
This means confirming arrival times or appointments with your hair and makeup artists, giving a schedule to your bridesmaids, and letting your photographer know when you’d like her to start shooting.
We’ll be the first to say it: These tasks aren’t as fun as all the others you’ve completed so far. Cake tastings, wedding-dress appointments, floral meetings, and hair and makeup trials are filled with excitement, so when it comes time to tackle these last-minute to-dos, like making a day-of timeline and coordinating deliveries, we can understand why you might be significantly less overjoyed. But despite being somewhat less glamorous and fun, these details simply can’t be overlooked!