4 Things Grandparents Love at Weddings

Whether you’re fortunate enough to have both sets of grandparents in attendance on your big day or just one, it’s important to try and see the event through their eyes. After all, They’re special people and should be honored but in a different way than your parents, points out the wedding planner. With that said, here are four ways to show grandma and grandpa lots of love on your big day (and ensure they enjoy the day just as much as the next guest)!

  1. Play some songs that make them want to jump up and dance.

Yes, it’s your big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep grandma and grandpa in mind when arranging your playlist, older guests like grandparents frequently feel left out and would love to get out on the dance floor but “Uptown Funk” simply isn’t going to do it for them. Remember to include some songs from their generation, and if you want to take it a step further, add favorites that you know they’ll love as a special surprise.

  1. Give grandma a pretty corsage.

There’s nothing grandmas love more than a small corsage that can wrap around the wrist, rather than a bouquet, which might fluster her. She’ll be touched by the thoughtful gesture, as well as incredibly pleased that you didn’t forget to include her.

  1. Offer them the chance to speak.

If your grandparents are comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, give them the opportunity to give a welcome toast or blessing over the wine. Feeling honored will mean the world to them. You can always ask them to say something at the rehearsal dinner when there’s more time or the morning-after brunch also.

  1. Be considerate when it comes to seating.

Do yourself and your grandparents a favour by sitting them the furthest away from your band or DJ, if possible. They’ll totally appreciate the quieter section. If you’re not doing a sit-down dinner, you’ll still want to be sure there are lounge areas away from the dance floor where grandma and grandpa can relax and have a conversation and actually hear others talk.