What to do when you found a ring under the Christmas tree!

Well you say I DO 🙂 or not it’s up to you but in case that you said yes then you can continue with reading 🙂
Make a call
Engagement – DO’s and DON’Ts start almost the second you say yes. Your first task? Sharing the exciting news with the world. And how easy would it be to do so in 140 characters or fewer or with a quick status update? No matter how tempting, it’s an engagement no-no to not pick up the phone and call your family members and friends. All of them. No one likes to be the last to know—and getting the news via mass e-mail, Twitter update or Facebook is especially rotten. So set aside a few hours and plough through your phone book (you can enlist your mum, sister, aunt or another family representative to help you out).
Chill Out and Have Fun!
Take time to relax—get a massage, sleep in when you can. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event purely about you and your fiancé. You are allowed to enjoy it! And its holiday season take your cosy time with your fiance.
And celebrate new year 🙂 and engagements



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