Santa Baby…

wedding ring gift box

Santa Baby…

As you already know we are at the end of this year and one step closer to the New Year. This is usually a time for decisions, so make it one to remember!

If you are about to make the decision to marry next year, from our experience the second  thing to follow after “Congratulations!” is “Book on time”. Soon after the holidays have ended it is time to begin your search and find your dream wedding….be sure to make your enquiry and make lots of notes!

We learn from our Brides and when we ask them what is important the answer is always pretty much the same “to book on time my favorite venue/s!”

And we have to agree on that!

So my dear ladies soon after you find your engagement ring under the Christmas tree take a warm blanket, hot cocoa and use these cold winter nights to find your perfect wedding destination.



We can not bring you a hot cocoa and a blanket but here you can check what we can do for you



featured photo credits by: PurpleQueue  text photo credits by: oksix