From Jingle Bells to Wedding Bells…..

christmas countdown

From Jingle Bells to Wedding Bells…..


If you ask me I can give you instantly a connection between these two occasions! White snowflakes reminds me of a pure white wedding dress! and iced trees shine in the  moonlight like diamonds….A cozy evening with your loved-one…

A Christmas love song

Frosty air and warm hands….What else do you need?Nothing, everything is perfect, calm, quiet and romantic Christmas eve, and suddenly it  is interrupted with an unexpected small wrapped gift box from him…

From this point I can hear a song : ‘All I want from Christmas is you…….”Sorry I can’t help it. (click here if you want to get in to this mood 🙂 I have to admit that besides all  these new proposal ideas, for me Christmas time will stay forever an inspiration for a beautiful proposal.

So for all these guys who are planning to propose to their girls this Christmas- thumbs up! Go and get that girl:)