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Beach Weddings Cyprus Packages

Beach weddings in Cyprus are a great alternative to regular weddings. They have the ability to make your special day even more memorable. Here at Ido Cyprus Weddings, we have many venues for you to choose from located in the beautiful town of Paphos. We take pride in our ability to bring you the best beach weddings in Cyprus, making you our priority. By choosing Ido Cyprus Weddings to arrange your wedding in Cyprus, you have taken the first steps to planning an unforgettable day.
Beach weddings in Paphos are becoming increasingly popular because of the romance of a setting by the sea. Cyprus is perfect because of its warm climate and picturesque views, especially for weddings in Paphos. The coastal city offers beautiful azure waters, as well as a rich culture and history, renowned for its archaeology. The town itself is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paphos beach weddings guarantee a memorable and deeply romantic day in an idyllic setting. The cool sea breeze and warm sand create the perfect combination for walking down the aisle and declaring your love.
I Do offer a range of packages, so you can choose the one that is right for you. Whether you would like to say your vows under a lych gate-style arch, or in an elegant wedding gazebo, we have something for you. You can also choose to have a white organza privacy screen placed across the beach to ensure maximum privacy. All packages include your own Cyprus wedding planner, who will ensure that everything is taken care of.



Before arrival:

•Information regarding available date and time for your wedding ceremony will be offered within 24 hours.

•Confirmation of your wedding booking and all administrative correspondence including a copy of the civil authorities booking form will be sent by post.

•An experienced wedding co-ordinator will be made available to you from the minute you start making your wedding plans with us in order to offer support and advice throughout the process. This will include:

Financial plans – wedding budget

Wedding holiday plans – advice where is ideal for you to stay taking into account your wedding budget and wedding ideas (arrival/departure date, wedding date)

Wedding day plans – ceremony time/reception time

In Paphos:

•An experienced member of “I Do Cyprus Wedding Planners” team will be personally assigned to you and be responsible for your wedding plans from your arrival until your departure.

•A welcome meeting will be arranged to introduce ourselves and show you what Paphos has to offer so that your wedding holiday is an unforgettable experience.

•Wedding day management entailing meeting in the comfort of our office where we will finalise your wedding day plans and answer any further queries that you may have. All questions welcome!

•Your wedding coordinator will accompany you, and provide support and guidance, throughout your pre-arranged meeting with the relevant authorities. They will advise on submitting the necessary documentation and obtaining a special licence for a wedding certificate.

•Pre-wedding run through. We will escort you to view your wedding ceremony venue and, using our own prepared guidelines, will walk you through the ceremony, wedding vows, positioning, timing of ring exchange and signing the register. This gives us the opportunity to make sure that you are entirely at ease about the whole ceremony, including the guests’ seating plans.

•A wedding reception meeting will be held at the reception venue where we will confirm the timeline for speeches, cake cutting, first dance, beverage details, menus, seating plans, decorations and entertainment

•Pre-wedding day reminder timeline meeting with family and guests.

•Attendance of your personal wedding coordinator before during and after the wedding ceremony.

•After-wedding day service, including arrangement of post-event parties.

•You will be invited to finalise your wedding holiday, providing feed-back and, where applicable, view proofs of wedding photographs and DVD.


Following 10 years of experience and more than two thousand successfully organised wedding ceremonies you can feel utmost confidence that Ido Cyprus Wedding Planners know how to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s when it comes to legalities for your wedding in Cyprus.

These include matters such as your marriage application, residency requirements

and necessary documentation.

Providing you with peace of mind is our bottom line. This means wherever you live and whatever your nationality or marital status, the I Do Cyprus Wedding Planners team are able to guide you through all legalities relating to your choice of wedding ceremony.

Some Frequently Asked Questions which Ido Cyprus Wedding Planners can help you with:

Will my marriage be legal in the UK?
– Yes, your marriage will be recognized by British Law.

How do we get our marriage licence?
– In Cyprus, the couple need to apply for a special marriage licence. You can contact the municipality responsible your for chosen ceremony venue and apply for a marriage licence, providing all relevant documents required.

When will we receive our marriage certificate?
– You will receive your marriage certificate straight after the wedding ceremony, as soon as you, your partner, witnesses and the marriage officer sign it, the wedding certificate is handed to you as part of the wedding ceremony, arranged by Law.

How long do we need to be resident in Cyprus to get married?
– By Law you will need to stay in Cyprus for a minimum of three days in order for your ceremony to take place and be legal and recognized in your country of residence.
Technically, you can arrive one day, marry the following day and depart the next day. In this case you need to be aware that the municipalities wedding departments work between Monday and Friday for marriage licences and only in the mornings. However, your ceremony can take place at the weekend but the marriage licence will need to be issued during the week.

Can we have our civil wedding ceremony on the beach?
– Yes by all means. Please visit, the first private beach wedding ceremony venue.

Do we need witnesses for our wedding ceremony?
– Yes you will need to have two witnesses for any kind of wedding ceremony here in Cyprus. They need to be over 18 years old and can be either family members or other people, even from different nationalities.

We want a non-religious ceremony. What do we need to do?
– In this case a civil ceremony service can take place either in Town Halls, the gardens of hotels or a private beach ceremony venue.

Will our marriage be legal in non-European countries?
– If you are a non-European country citizen all your documents will need to be translated into either Greek or English and also will need to have a postal stamp. The same procedure will apply with your wedding certificate.

I am single but my partner is divorced. Do we need to proceed in any special way to hold our wedding in Cyprus?
– No, the procedure is the same as in any other country, as long as you can provide original legal proof, your Decree Absolute, then you can have your wedding ceremony in Cyprus.

I am single and my partner is widowed. Is there a particular process we need to follow in order to get married in Cyprus?
– No, the procedure is the same as in any other country.

We are already married. Can we renew our vows?
– Yes, you can renew your vows and choose between a couple of different religious services or just renew your vows on a private Mediterranean sandy beach.

We are a same sex couple. Can we get married in Cyprus?
– You can have same sex type of ceremony but your marriage will not be legal. Cyprus Law still does not recognize same sex marriages.



This option is perfect for couples who choose to come to Cyprus for one or two long weekends, no less than eight months before their intended wedding day and wish to make their arrangements during this time.

There are plenty of flights to the island and all types of accommodation for short stays, enabling you to have a comfortable base from which to explore the options for your ceremony and reception with Ido Cyprus Wedding Planners.

Once you’ve settled in, we’ll personally escort you around Paphos to a selection of wedding and reception venues that reflect the preferences you have let us know about ahead of time. Don’t worry of you don’t have a crystal clear idea about how you’d like your special day to be as this will take shape during your visit. Likewise, you may have your ideal ceremony and reception all planned out only to find you have a complete change of mind when you see in person the options available.

Once you make your decisions, we will confirm your booking with the Town Hall, Church or outdoor ceremony venue. You can also be assured of our assistance on arrangements with your hotel or other accommodation so that reservations fit in perfectly with your chosen wedding date.

You’ll find that knowing where your wedding and reception will take place will help you make decisions about the most suitable photo package as well.

Ido Cyprus Wedding Planners are finding that many couples are starting to take advantage of this advance planning service. There’s just so much that can be arranged in one visit leaving you to breathe easy, go back home and concentrate on the wedding invitations

The Wedding Planning Service includes:

Wedding venue search

Visit to Civil Ceremony sites

Visit to Religious Ceremony sites

Visit to Beach and Garden Ceremony sites

Wedding Reception Search

Accommodation search


Regardless of your country of residence, a true copy of your wedding certificate will be ready for you within a couple of days.

The service charge of £75 includes:


Prescribed fees for a true copy issued by the Cyprus Ministry of the Interior

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