wedding music band

Wedding Playlist

Last week we suggested a schedule for you “things to do” when there is 3-4 months until your wedding day and one of the arrangements we discussed was your wedding playlist, so here’s some guidelines of how to make it.
At this stage you will have already decided if you would prefer the use of a live wedding band or private DJ and in the case of choosing a wedding band it will be useful to listen them beforehand. If given the opportunity go to check them out and see them play or take the time to watch any Youtube clips that may be available. You can do the same with a DJ,  just to be sure that he is professional because you don’t want a ‘David Guetta wannabe’ to ruin your big day 🙂 Recommendations in these areas are the best way forward.
It’s also important to be aware that it is an evening to be shared to have a think about your fiancé’s music taste and about the type of music your guests would enjoy listening to but to be fair when your guests are having a great time your wedding party will be remembered for sure!. You will probably find that you and your fiancé will have a similar taste in music and hopefully as your wedding party particularly if it is a smaller group. Regardless of the size of your party it’s always a good idea to mix your playlist with your preferred theme by adding a few commercial pop hits just to assure that your dance floor will be filled.
When you are expecting a large  mixed wedding party we would suggest you to make a playlist informing the DJ of the type of music you do want to listen to and the type of music (or certain songs) that you don’t want to hear! everyone has certain songs which they don’t like, even if they were big hits in the charts 🙂 but for the rest of the songs you can leave this to the experience of your DJ/wedding band who will know how to read their audience and should know how to ‘make the atmosphere’ . Most importantly don’t forget to let your DJ know your choice of First Dance song and at what time you want this played. This is the one song that will follow you through your lives and remind you of this special day, it’s also the best way of getting all your guests to join you on the dance floor at the end of your first dance together as Man and Wife!