Wedding party duties: Maid of Honour

So we’ve dressed them all, bridesmaids, mothers and guys from your wedding party it’s time to talk about their duties and good organization is half of the job done 🙂 Personally I think the whole idea of these duties is to keep people together and there’s nothing better then to have your friends and family next to you while you’re planning the happiest day of your life ….

So, first things first, the Maid of Honour and what are her duties? In one sentence we can say : ‘Your right hand.’ However, that isn’t very helpful and it doesn’t mean she has to be your personal assistant 🙂 That’s why we created this list of her duties before and during the wedding.

1. Pre wedding MOH duties

– First of all she is the lead figure for the bridesmaids. It’s her responsibility to co-ordinate their duties, help with choosing their outfits, see to it that all bridesmaids get to the rehearsal as well as co-ordinating transportation and lodging, if necessary

– Take the lead on pre-wedding festivities. Organize the Bachelorette party (enlist the help of the other bridesmaids in the planning), host or co-host the bridal shower, and attend all wedding-related parties.

– Spread the word about where the bride and groom are registered – for the wedding gifts.

– Keep a record of all gifts received at said events for the bride to refer to when she writes her thank-you notes.

2. Wedding day MOH duties

-The most important duty for MOH is to keep the bride calm and happy! She is a trusted friend who has to keep the mood relaxed and upbeat.

– Help with the bride’s hair, make-up, jewelry and gown.

– Act as a messenger between bride and groom.( the sweetest part )

– Make sure all the bridesmaids are on time, have their hair and make-up done, and that there are no major wardrobe malfunctions.

– During the ceremony she can hold the groom’s ring during the ceremony and hold the bride’s bouquet while the couple exchanges vows.

– Sign the marriage license as a witness.

– Help bustle the train after the ceremony for easy dancing at the reception.

– During the reception her role is to be a hostess along with the other bridesmaids at frequent points during the reception: show guests where to sit, direct them to restrooms, tell them to where to put presents, invite them to sign the guest book, etc.

– Dance with the best man during the wedding party sequence (typically following the first dance between the bride and groom).

– Toast the couple following the best man’s toast.

And as the bbf she will take care of you, being there to bring you refreshments and something to eat- even if it’s quick! Offering emotional and logistical support to keep you smiling during the whole process 🙂