Wedding Party duties: Groomsmen

Wedding Party duties: Groomsmen

Ok, let’s be honest, it’s not like that they have too many obligations before and during the wedding, except to look good in tuxes J Seriously, according to some historical facts the Best Man and Groomsmen had serious duties and were called bride knights – awwww yes, it was long ago before Bachelor parties, and instead of party planning their duty was to plan a bride kidnapping or bride protecting, depending on which team you were playing. After they won, the Bride and Groom gave an honour to the knight who gave his best in the fight, ergo today the “Best Man” and today their duties are a little less serious J

So this is the list of their duties in the modern world J First we have to mention that as with the Bridesmaids, they should pay for their own wedding gear/tux etc.

1. Like the rest of the wedding party, they have to attend all pre-wedding festivities , like the rehearsal dinner, the couples shower, etc.

2. The most important part is the Bachelor Party planning and financingJ

3. During the wedding you have to keep up the spirits of your friend who is getting married, and you have to be ready before guests start to come, at least one hour before the wedding

4. Fold and distribute wedding programs

5. Ensure that all family members have their corsages

6. Usher guests to their seats

7. Escort the Bridesmaids

8. Collect the decorative items after the ceremony

9. After the Bride and Grooms first dance, you should ask single Bridesmaids or any other single girl from the wedding guests to dance.

10. Conspire with the Best Man and Bridesmaids to decorate the honeymoon getaway car in style.

Usually we finish the post with : Have fun! – but in the case of Groomsmen we don’t have to mention that 🙂