Wedding Party duties: Father of the Bride

Wedding Party duties: Father of the Bride

Personally I think the role of the Father of the Bride is the most difficult- emotionally. It’s not just the fact that he is giving away his princess, it’s mostly because he is not included in all pre wedding planning and duties, and as for all the festivities, he is only included in the rehearsals. He doesn’t belongs at Bachelor Parties and certainly not at the bridal shower :/ . If you are a traditional bride, he is paying for the wedding and this somehow seems unfair. So make his role more easier by including him more in your wedding planning so that he will be ‘more ready’ for the finals!

1. As a man in the background, he can be very helpful with the vendor check-up. While you are being blinded with the glitter and shine of the reception, he will be the only one with both feet on the ground to make sure that you get everything you (or he) is paying for.

2. He can be handy too while he’s watching his football game folding envelopes and programs 🙂

3. Final decisions – don’t underestimate your father’s taste, maybe he can’t explain why he doesn’t like something but his simplicity maybe can contribute to your elegant wedding.

On your wedding day

Most likely he will be ready first 🙂 and traditionally he will be host for the wedding breakfast but besides that enlist Dad to help with last-minute activities like confirming the number of guests with the caterer, calling your vendors to verify the correct time and place, and tranquilising your mother.

The most helpful thing he can do is to be in charge of transport. He can make sure that everyone reaches the ceremony and reception venue.

We won’t mention the moment with you before he walks you down the aisle.

After the big day, post-wedding blues affect everyone, including your parents. Give Dad something to keep him occupied. Ask him to care for your house while you’re on your honeymoon. Don’t be surprised if you return to find your showers re-grouted, your leaky taps are fixed, and your lawn is looking greener than ever. It’s just Dad’s way of telling you he loves you.