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Somehow every post reminds me of something else that would be good to talk about…. like the last time I mentioned that it may be a good idea to start your own wedding website or wedding day blog to help socialize your wedding arrangements and keep all your important decisions and arrangements in one place.

Although this is a relatively new trend, it’s also something new for you that you can make use of, and whilst it may not be so widespread now I have no doubt that slowly in the coming years it definitely will be.

Here are some of the reasons why it will be popular-

  1. Your personalized website is an easy paper-free way to share your news and updates about your wedding day.
  2. Don’t  be put off by thinking that you will need some extra coded knowledge to create your own wedding website, it’s no more complicated than Facebook 🙂 and you can find a lot of free themes and platforms to do it on!. However if you choose a hometown wedding with less than a 30 people it’s not something you would need to do especially if many of your would be guests are not fans of computers! On the other hand if you are planning an out-of-town affair, or if your guests are coming from all corners of the globe, a website is a helpful planning tool to have.
  3. Since it’s easy to set up, it’s better to create one in early stages of your wedding planning so you can add your personal website address into “save-the-date” cards to provide your wedding guests with as much information as early as possible.
  4. Adding content to your website, for the beginning, it’s enough to add your basic information such as your names and a picture of the two of you, of course also the wedding date and location, and a brief greeting to your would be visitors. Later on you can add your own story, such as how you met….. Share engagement photos and other nice memories. However don’t forget to add additional important information that is also helpful to include such as links to hotels, babysitting services, and any local sightseeing spots and activities you think your guests might enjoy.
  5. Following your special day it also provides an easy way to share some of your own wedding photos created by you and your friends (I am going back here to gopro trend)
  6. Another very helpful tool you may wish to consider in place of a wedding binder of sorts is a Wedding Planning App so I would suggest you find the appropriate App and simply choose one that provides you with the best arrangement options.

Finally for now another one of the latest trends we are seeing more of (besides a personal wedding website) is to create a personalized hashtag with your names such as #Jane&Joewedding

However trends or not these can be very helpful ways to help you keep all your information and planning together in this digital world for a modern “bride to be”!

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