destination wedding planning

Wedding Abroad, Why Not?

In our previous blog post about “destination weddings” we told you some useful facts when deciding to marry far from your home. But somehow while we were trying to be supportive and to give you some tips, we missed one of the most important part to tell you! We didn’t tell you the benefits when you have destination wedding! So basically this blog post is for couples who didn’t make their big decision yet regarding their destination wedding, Yes or No?
Well since we are based on one of the most romantic islands, also known as a birth place of Aphrodite – Cyprus, we are able to share with you the benefits of such a “destination wedding” .Honestly we don’t see any reason why not to take the opportunity to arrange something which is no longer difficult. Later on we will explain you how is that possible….
And regardless of your chosen wedding destination, these are the reason why you should not be left with any doubts!
First, every couple wants to be different and unique, so with a destination wedding you will definitely stand out of the pack.
Second, now you can say “I DO” wherever you want: the beach, sea view balcony, mountain resort, chalet, just imagine… already providing the perfect nature decor and scenography for your photo session!
Talking of additional décor our beautiful surroundings can really be a money saver too, imagine your photographer capturing a stunning sunset on the beach, what more would you need to add?
These days it is also easier to arrange, destination wedding planners are really dedicated, believe me, they don’t want any kind of mistakes and strive for your day to be perfect.
Keep in mind when your “nearest and dearest” guests are able to join you it’s the perfect opportunity for quality time with them that you wouldn’t normally have or find the time to arrange. As you know a standard wedding celebration lasts only for a few hours where the bride and groom normally find themselves running from table to table trying to spend a little time with everyone, a destination wedding definitely helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere because you and your guests are on vacation too!
But you will still have the chance to enjoy your honeymoon… your guest will begin to leave maybe a day or two after the wedding and you can stay and enjoy your newlywed status!
We hope that some of these facts will be helpful when deciding if a destination wedding really is for you, go an take a look at our beach weddings options, they say a picture is worth a thousand words!