Unexpected Reception Disasters

Missing Vendor Contracts

When you chose your vendors, you dotted you’re I’s, crossed your T’s, and got it all in writing—except for all those little details you worked out over the phone as you changed your mind and renegotiated. A savvy move—at least until it’s time to pay the bills and you’re scrambling to remember exactly how much they said each different bit would cost. You don’t want to spend more than you planned, but how do you deal with everything you didn’t get on paper?
The Solution: Finish what you started. No matter how small, no matter how nitpicky, get it all in writing. If you don’t want to deal with asking a vendor to amend the contract every time you make a verbal change, simply follow up your phone conversation with a quick email confirming what was just said. It doesn’t have to be elaborate—a simple note saying, for example, “Thanks for taking the time to chat with me earlier about the new menu ideas. I just wanted to confirm that the price of the beef filet for 150 would be X.” Save copies of your messages and replies, compile them and give the stack to a family member to bring to the reception (or summarize in one email and ask the vendor to okay it). That way, there will be no question or argument when the time comes to pay your vendors
Uninvited Guests
There are fewer chairs than guests.
The Solution: If a few guests end up bringing a plus one, don’t panic. If you hired a day-of coordinator, let her deal with the caterer and figure out if there’s a possibility of getting some extra food and squeezing in a few more chairs. If you don’t have a coordinator, ask one of your bridesmaids if they can help out. But don’t let a few extra guests spoil the night. Chances are they arrived with the best intentions.
Drinking and Driving
You know it’s a successful party when you start running really low on supplies—especially liquor. Everyone’s had a good time, but everyone might not be fit to drive. What do you do about that?

The Solution: You already know that lots of responsible brides and grooms book buses or shuttles to ferry guests back and forth from reception to hotel. What you might not know is that you may need more runs than you think. While no one’s going to say they require a ride pre wedding, after a few too many cocktails they might. A couple more bus runs will ensure you’ve got a seat for everyone to get home safely.

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