destination wedding countdown

Two weeks out

Yes, you are down to a wire, so close but not there yet and you  still have things to do and we are hopefully believe that you done everything from the previous lists.

So final checkups are done: all vendors and documentations are ready so my dear now it’s time to:


1. Begin breaking in wedding shoes, you don’t need that pain on your big day 🙂

2. Make arrangements for the caring of pets and plants while you are on your wedding trip.

3. Delegate wedding day duties: gift table, guestbook, etc.

4. Delegate someone to return tuxes, rentals and tend to wedding dress.

5. Get final haircut and color

6. Give readers their scripts

And since we are talking about destination wedding mostly you  have to plan what you are going to pack for your destination because in next week you have to leave your country as Miss to become Mrs

and as we were talking before you can check here what you have to put in your suitcase.

And I have to mention if you are worried about your wedding gown getting lost in the luggage department, you shouldn’t, because most airlines will allow you to bring your wedding dress as hand luggage, just contact them to ask.

And see you next week:)