Two months out

Yes, you are feeling happy, nervous, worried and excited all at the same time! but as we promised we are here to help you as much we can, at least with this checklist to guide you until your big day.

First before you continue with your check list you need to be sure that everything is “ticked off” from the previous stage of your wedding planning and that will be:


1.Guest favors and welcome-bag items are done

2.Decision with regards to preferred hairstyle has been made

4.You have provided your playlists to DJ/band

5.Ceremony and reception seating has been finalised

6.Readers and readings for your ceremony are confirmed


Make sure that you have all these done by now if you want to have one week before your wedding just for relaxing and topping up your tan, without stress.


And this is what you should do next:

1. Pick up your rings. Resize them if it’s necessary


2. Arrange with your planner a wedding day timeline and send to your vendors, officiant and wedding party.


3. Finalize fittings for wedding party and parents.


4. Confirm wedding day transportation for you and your guests if it’s necessary.


5. Check if you need to have your documents translated or stamped with an apostle. And if you’re in the UK you can get your documents stamped with an apostle at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office here  if necessary. You will be adviced by your wedding planner what documents exactly you will need to provide based on your nationality and country of residence.


And then when you have finalized these above details you can enjoy in these sweet tasks:


6. Decide on “Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue.”

7. Sit, relax get a glass of wine and go through your vows.

8. Enjoy a bachelorette party!

Arranging a night out with your girlfriends generally falls to the Maid of Honor. But if she hasn’t mentioned one to you by now, feel free to ask—for scheduling purposes, of course!