Trends: Flower girl and Ring Bearer gifts

We’ve already spoken about traditions and wedding etiquette so we cannot skip gifts for young ones. Today, having them at your wedding ceremony is optional, and also gifts for them can be optional. As you have plenty of options to dress them up, sometimes buying them outfits which are more smart casual and wearable can be a very nice gift, and paying for a small tux and gown replicas of the bride and groom is a very affable gesture, but because they will probably wear them only once, as by the next wedding they will be too small for them, parents will appreciate that more than a gift maybe:)

Added to that, we will give you few ideas to make them happy:

– Guests have digital cameras and your Ring Bearer should, too. The sturdy Kid-Tough Digital Camera is super-simple, yet stores more than 50 shots

– Leave a “Jewel” pencil case, $13.50, from Sacchi,, at young guests’ seats to occupy them during the reception.

– This whimsical Message in a Bottle kit will inspire multiple flights of pirate-themed fancy

– A shiny super hero cape in his favourite colours is sure to make your Ring Bearer smile. And paired with a princesses costume for your Flower girl, during the reception they will have a good theme for playing until the end of it.

The main aim is to make them happy, then you will have less worries about how to entertain them during the dinner reception.