Testimonial: All-inclusive hotel wedding or independent destination wedding planner?

Simon Micklebrough and Kelly Bekham
Peiya Town Hall
18th of June 2007

“With the big holiday companies and their wedding packages, you are just another wedding on their conveyor belt with limited flexibility and contacting the dreaded rep can be easier said than done.  I must admit that Kelly and I were looking to go down that road, simply because we didn’t know of any other way.  Until we chanced upon Igor and his I-Do wedding company, that is.”


“Weddings are big business in the Paphos area, but I think, and Igor passionately believes, that you need the personal touch to make things special.  You need someone you can contact to answer your questions, and crucially, you need someone you can trust to organize your wedding behind the scenes so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  Igor did all of this for us, and we don’t know what we would have done without him. A true master of his art.”

Dear Simon and Kelly,

It’s been eight years since your wedding, but still gladly we get back to your testimonial, especially today on the eighth anniversary of your marriage, when we are even more proud because we had our role on your big day! This is our way to say Thank You and Congratulations!!!!