how to plan wedding abroad

Start to plan your destination wedding…

Ok, following the previous two posts let say you have made your decision and you will choose a your destination wedding, ‘Now what?’ you will ask!. Don’t worry we are here to keep you in the loop.

When we started with this important subject on our blog we decided to introduce you slowly to the whole process of your destination wedding planning.

So let’s say that you are one year in front of your predicted wedding day, at this point there isn’t much difference between planning your wedding abroad or choosing a local wedding.

At the very beginning of your planning we would advise every bride to purchase a wedding notebook or binder that is just wedding details and planning, here everything will be kept together, contacts, ideas, schedules and overall costs of course.

It’s a good idea to set a realistic budget, perhaps to separate into two groups: areas where you can cut back if necessary and areas where you want to splurge or “must haves”.

Make a guest list according to the facts, that you are planning to travel for your wedding like we discussed in our previous posts.

Then one of the most important decisions you will need to make is “Destination?” Of course hoping that Cyprus being at the top of your list! This is where the internet or your local travel agency can assist you. At this point you will be faced with lots of options: to book an all-inclusive hotel wedding or plan everything with your destination wedding planner, that that will depend on you……

In our next post we will discuss more the differences between these two options.

So for now if you are still at least one year ahead of your proposed wedding plans, until our next blog post, it really is time to give some thought to getting the wheels in motion for your special day…….