destination wedding planning

Planning Countdown

As you may remember from our previous post ‘Start to plan your destination wedding…’ we promised to guide you from one point to another until your wedding day. We also briefly mentioned the choices you will need to make a start with:  will be planning your wedding day with an all-inclusive hotel or destination wedding planner? And since your destination wedding planner will provide services completely differently to those that a hotel will offer we will begin to explain slowly the process of what you should be considering now.

Let’s say that right now you are six to nine months away from your big day, here are just some of the decisions you will need to make-

  1. Set the date and choose your wedding planner.
  2. Send out your “save the date” invitations and maybe think about creating a website for your wedding?
  3. Discuss with your planner your budget and start taking note of recommendations for vendors including : catering options, photographer, florist, and band or DJ for example.
  4. Make a list of optional vendors which you would have to visit following your arrival to your destination.
  5. Make a list of documentation which you have to prepare in order to have a valid wedding abroad.
  6. Choose an officiant, and start planning the service.
  7. Research activities and tours available in the local area and follow the advice of your wedding planner!
  8. Make a final decision with regards to your gown and order it, and select attendants’ dress code/colours.
  9. Make a gift register.

And don’t worry once you have a list of vendors according to your budget you don’t need to chat so often with your wedding planner in this stage, you are still free to enjoy in the nice things like selecting ideas for your hairstyle or decoration 🙂

So for now enjoy in gathering your information together until our next phase and if you follow this planning schedule you will be totally stress free until your wedding day!! by which time all you will need is a glass of champagne to calm down any last minute nerves 🙂